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The YAX unit allows displacement of tools in lathe Y-direction, in order to produce manifolds where out-of-axis operations are required, such as face millings, holes and tappings, key-slots and so on. It can be fit on flat bed lathes as well as on slant bed lathes, where required y-axis movement is perpendicular to machine slide. The rugged meehanite cast iron column with wide sliding guideways and all other strongly designed components, together with hydraulic guideways preload system (patent pending) allow hard machining operations either with fixed tools and live tools. Thanks to the modular design, YAX is available in 3 sizes: YAX 16 (for 120 and 160 size turrets), YAX 25 (for 200 and 250 size turrets) and YAX 40 (for 320 and 400 size turrets). TBYA as well as TBYR turrets can be fit. Standard strokes are available as well as custom strokes (to be defined with our Technical Department).